Town Presentation

The small town located on the rocky banks of Life, 18 km from Saint-Gilles Croix de Vie and 12 km from Aizenay.
It owes its name (asper rises) to the Romans who established a camp on the left bank of life, and its rugged terrain.
In the Middle Ages, four castellanies coexisted, leaving a unique heritage.



Apremont Castle, built in the 16th century on the site of a fortress by Philippe Chabot de Brion. Open from April to September (for groups on appointment), visit with sound (tour in July and August), scavenger hunt for children. Entertainment fencing weekends in July and August.
The lake of 177 ha Life: water sports, bathing area, supervised swimming, hiking routes.
Apremont unusual: a tour of the city.
Puzzle giant castle visit otherwise Apremont through this tourism experience. Your mission: Using the circuit boards Heritage, onto the streets of the little city style elements that originally owned the castle! Map with indexes available at the Tourist Office.


Events and celebrations

Flea-flea: the last Sunday of June
The castle Day: 3rd Sunday of July. Dinner outdoor show, evoking the life of the castle in the 16th century.


Attractions, leisures and activites around

The chapel of Saint-Etienne Tulèvrière du Bois: Built in full by the Abbot Dark Terror, it is a place of memory and recollection; inside and museum pamphlet guide (free).

Trails for hiking and cycling routes in the country Palluau available at the Tourist Office.


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